The Decentralized Community was first conceived by Gary Lachance in November 2008. The next several months were spent developing the concept and the original website was launched in early 2009.

The project was then put on hold while several others were developed, including the Decentralized Dance Party and The #BYPASS Movement.

During this hiatus, the Open-Source/Decentralization revolution has literally transformed our world and given rise to incredibly powerful new technologies like Crowdfunding, P2P Lending, and 3D Printing.

These revolutionary new tools will be key components in the development of a future global network of interconnected Decentralized Communities, ultimately effecting the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Society.

An overarching vision for the creation of such a society is outlined in a recently released “Grand Decentralization Theory“.

Please email garylachance<at>gmail<dot>com if you’d like to get involved.
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  1. kent says:

    we need to get rid of congress and create a wiki where citizens can write and vote on bills directly. who needs representation when u can speak for urself.

    other important projects that serve as a stepping stone for direct democracy:


    do what empowers u!

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